MidTier - Web Report Error after upgrading to 18.x or 19.x

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Midtiers upgraded from 9.x to 18.x or 19.x


    After upgrading Midtier from 9.x version to 18.x or 19.x when trying to run web reports, you'll get the following.

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    In Midtier 9.x you could set a different report directory so Midtier process all reports, Starting in Midtier 18.x this should be /midtier/reports directory, if you upgraded or used an old config.properties file then this path may be set somewhere else


    Follow these steps to fix this:

    • Go into the midtier config tool http://<midtier>:<port>/arsys/shared/config/config.jsp and login.
    • Go to report settings and adjust the path for Reporting Working Directory* to point to the reports folder you should have inside Midtier folder.  So for example if your midtier is in C:\Program Files\bmc\AR System\midtier then the Report Working Directory should be C:\Program Files\bmc\AR System\midtier\reports
    • Save the changes.
    After this try to run the reports again and reports should run properly. 

    A defect was filed so the installer adjust this path when upgrading from 9.x versions, however if you use a WAR file or reuse the config.properties of an old Midtier then you should manually make this change. 


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