Smart Reporting Content Import - 1902 - Yellowfin 8.0.02

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    BMC Remedy Smart reporting 1902 and above version


    While Export Content in Smart reporting 1902 and above version by default all dependencies of the content are getting exported in the file.

    Dependencies includes :
    2. Content folders
    3. Datasource

    However while importing a contents Please make sure you can remove the unwanted dependencies (Data Source etc). By Design each environment have its unique data source and there is no need to migrate Datasource from other environment. please find below steps you can follow while importing contents and avoid Data Source Import.

    1. Go to Admin console --> Import
    2. provide the .YFX file
    3. on next Window select Custom instead of Import all( Custom import will allow us to remove unwanted contents from the import file).
    4. on import window drag and drop the contents from left side navigation pane, those are required to import in the current environment.
    5. click on import to import the content.

    Please find below snap for your reference.
    Please note: Importing Data source to environment can cause license breach. Once license is breached all users will not able to access smart reporting except super admins. Please contact your administrator to fix the issue.

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