Remedy Smart Reporting - How to Change Installation directory

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    All versions of Smart reporting


    How to change Smart Reporting Installation directory?


    The best approach will be to perform a fresh reinstall of the tool and then point to the existing database :

    1  - Stop Smart Reporting actual service.
    2  - Perform a fresh install of Smart Reporting on the new path.
    3  - Installation must be done against a fresh database/schema.
    4  - Ensure the application is working with siadmin credentials.
    5  - Stop the service.
    6  - Modify web.xml (make sure to make a backup) to point to the old database/Schema, refer to this article: and the web.xml from the old directory, you can copy and paste all the lines of the "jdbcurl" bracket.
    7  - Start the service.
    8  - Test as a normal user and run some reports and ensure everything is working properly.
    9  - Drop the Database/Schema that was used for the fresh installation.
    10- Uninstall the application from the old path.


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