TrueSight Capacity Optimization (TSCO) - How to Stop/Kill the vCenter ETL execution forcefully from TSCO DB using SQL query if Unable to Stop/Kill VC ETL execution from TSCO GUI Console?

Version 7
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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization 11.5.01


    BMC Capacity Optimization



    Unable to start the vCenter ETL with below error:
    BCO_SCH_ERR011: The system was unable to execute the given request, please check scheduler status
    The system was unable to execute the given request, please check scheduler generic scheduler on <SCHEDULER_NAME> status.

    Scheduler log did not report any scheduling error for the ETL and the start button enabled for the ETL which indicates the ETL is already running but actually the ETL is not running.





    Legacy ID:KA398366

    1. From the output of below query we can confirm if ETL status entry left in running state mistakenly     
      • select * from task_status where taskid=<TASK_ID>;
    3. Stop the scheduler on the ETL engine ./cpit stop scheduler
    5. Correct the ETL status and unschedule it using below query     
      • update task_status set status='STOPPED' where taskid=<TASK_ID>;
      • update task set enabled=0 where taskid=<TASK_ID>;
      • commit;
    7. Do a clean restart of the scheduler on the ETL engine and verify if able to start/stop the vCenter ETL properly. ./cpit clean scheduler


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