Email approvals not working with certain versions of Outlook for Android

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    AR Server and Email Engine 9.1.04 and up but possibly earlier versions as well


    Approval Email responses when replied to via Outlook for Android are failing with certain versions of Outlook for Android. There are two known issues which manifest differently depending on the version of Outlook for Android. 

    Scenario 1: Outlook for Android version prior to 3.0.44
    Observed behavior: User responds to the approval request and the response email generates a new page as opposed to a confirm receipt. 
    Result: Users unable to respond due to blank email being generated.

    Explanation/Cause: This was a wide spread issue that showed up throughout the market. Microsoft jumped on it right away by quickly releasing a fix (3.0.44) that reverted the functionality to what it was originally designed to do. Instead of opening a new window when clicking on the url it was fixed to instead make the appropriate call defined by the url. 

    Scenario 2: Outlook for Android version 3.0.44 and higher
    Observed behavior: User responds to the approval request by clicking on the Approve link. The resulting email that is generated has all carriage returns removed thus putting the response all on one line. 
    Result: Approval response fails with following response back to the user:

    Message Type:
    Message Number: 4934
    Message Text: The modify key in the incoming modify action email message is invalid. Make sure that the modify key was not modified.

    Explanation/Cause: Since the 3.0.44 release of MS Outlook on Android, a completely different issue was introduced. In this case, Microsoft released a version of Outlook for Android that strips the carriage returns from content being sent back to the server. Microsoft is working on a fix for this. 


    Defects in various versions of Microsoft Outlook for Android



    Advise affected users to send responses via Outlook client in Windows, MAC or iOS devices for the time being, until a fix is released by Microsoft to address this in Outlook for Android.

    Otherwise, upgrade to a newer version above 3.0.44 of Outlook for Android. Then as a work around, ask the users to edit the response email by manually adding the carriage returns back in to the email before sending the email response. 

    For example where the line feeds (carriage returns) were removed in the body of the email response:


    Approve request REQ000004997586
    #DO NOT MODIFY FOLLOWING TEXT#Action:ModifyServer:RemedyProdSchema:AP:Detail-SignatureRequestID:000000000296305|000000000301820ApprovalStatus!13191!:1StatusTemplate:Approval_By_Email_Status_enResult Template:Approval_By_Email_Result_Approve_en##Modify##:[$$3J+88OXmp29/lgiKIAICbCVWhxV3jWSUrSDBo8c7/po2Rk0y+iCsZlpLWjl0vex56r21Q7DKrhEkD5d/lcwnmg==$$]

    You would have to edit as follows:

    Approve request REQ000004997586
    Action: Modify
    Server: RemedyProd
    Schema: AP:Detail-Signature Request
    ID: 000000000296305|000000000301820
    Approval Status!13191!: 1
    Status Template: Approval_By_Email_Status_en
    Result Template: Approval_By_Email_Result_Approve_en
    ##Modify##: [$$3J+88OXmp29/lgiKIAICbCVWhxV3jWSUrSDBo8c7/po2Rk0y+iCsZlpLWjl0vex56r21Q7DKrhEkD5d/lcwnmg==$$]




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