TS-Synthetic - Best Practices to configure a Citrix script to run on a Synthetic TEA Agent

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    TrueSight Synthetic Transaction Monitor with Micro Focus Silk Performer


    Borland Silk Performer


    Synthetic TEA Agent All Versions MicroFocus Borland Silk Performer All Versions


    Some possible errors that may be encountered if the script or environment are not configured correctly:

    CitrixConnectIcaData(CitrixEngine: 6 - Connect failed)
    CitrixInit(CitrixEngine: 43 - Startup failed, Failed to start the core)



    Below are some best practice's for configuring Synthetic Citrix scripts and setting up a Synthetic TEA Agent to run Citrix script:

    1.  Prior to starting the Synthetic TEA agent, confirm that all Citrix processes have been stopped on the system.  Once the TEA Agent and Borland SDK start running the Synthetic script, the Citrix environment will start up.  This will ensure that the Citrix environment has all the proper permissions to run the script.

    2.  Ensure that the Tea agent is running as a Process.

    3.  Follow the documentation that is installed with Silk Performer.  This documentation will be installed in whichever version of Silk Performer that the system is currently using.  For example, for Silk Performer 18.0, the documentation will be located here:
    \Silk\Silk Performer 18.0\Doc \silkperformer-180-citrixtutorial-en.pdf

    4.  It is a best practice for Citrix scripts to use Key press and key shortcuts and not use mouse clicks.  This will make the script less prone to failures when looking for buttons when running on the TEA Agent.

    5.  There are several types of project types that can be chosen in Silk Performer for Cittrix recordings.  Ensure that the correct project type is chosen, or the script will not playback properly.  Below is a list of possible Citrix project types:
      a.  Citrix
      b   Citrix storefront/netscaler gateway. 
    c. Citrix Web Interface



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