What's new in Business Workflows 19.05

Version 2
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    BMC Software announces the 19.05 release of the BMC Helix Business Workflows product. BMC Helix Business Workflows is a modern case management solution that extends services for lines of business—including HR, facilities, and other groups—in a scalable, managed, and automated way.


    BMC Helix Business Workflows version 19.05 highlights


    Conditional execution of tasks

    As a case business analyst, define task sequences that are executed only if specific conditions are met. For example, define separate task flows for a full-time employee and a contract employee. The graphical task flow designer provides an easy method to add tasks, define conditions for task execution, and sequence them as required. Add tasks to the case template and define trigger conditions that trigger different task flow branches.


    Restrict access to confidential case data

    As a case business analyst, control access to sensitive personal information marked as confidential. This way personal information provided by an employee when creating a service request is secure and visible only to agents who have permissions in the corresponding case in BMC Helix Business Workflows.


    Automatically generate formatted PDFs for required information

    Automatically generate and share PDFs for employee requests, such as employment verification or visa application letter. As a case business analyst, create document templates to define the content and layout of the PDF as per your business requirements and standards.


    Automatic case assignment based on location and round robin method

    As a case business analyst, define automated case assignment based on location, or in a round-robin method. A location based assignment ensures that cases are automatically assigned to regional support groups based on the case site and region information. The round-robin assignment method helps to distribute the cases equally among members of a support group.


    Introducing self-help

    We are pleased to announce embedded self-help with guided assistance in this release of BMC Helix Business Workflows. Guided assistance helps you learn to navigate the product and to actively complete tasks. From the Self-help pane you can start guided assistance and link to help topics, relevant to where you are in the product and the work you are doing.


    We welcome your feedback and suggestions for additional guided assistance by adding comments when you complete the self-help guidance or on docs.bmc.com.


    Learning more about version 19.05 of BMC Helix Business Workflows


    For detailed information about BMC Helix Business Workflows enhancements in this release, see the 19.05 enhancements. For the list of issues that have been corrected, see Known and corrected issues.