Hitachi service ETL failing with error- Cannot discover the Array class due to the following error 'CIM_ERR_FAILED'

Version 5
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    TrueSight Capacity Optimization


    Capacity Optimization


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization Capacity Optimization


    In debug level log of ETL we saw these error messages,

    INFO : 2017/01/18 10:15:00 CET ; Thread 324044 ; HDS ; com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.interruption.ControlledExecution ; $Revision$ ; doRun
         | EXCEPTION SAXException : CLASSNAME attribute not found!
         |         org.sblim.cimclient.internal.cimxml.sax.node.Node.getClassName(
         |         org.sblim.cimclient.internal.cimxml.sax.node.InstanceNode.init(
         |         org.sblim.cimclient.internal.wbem.WBEMClientCIMXML.enumerateInstances(
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.client.wbem.impl.EnumeratesInstancesOperation.execute(
         | EXCEPTION WBEMServerFailureException : CIM_ERR_FAILED
         |     WBEMServerFailureException [Error=protocol.connection.serverfailure, Context=[WBEM/CIM-XML,, UT01257, CIM_ERR_FAILED]]

         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.client.wbem.impl.WBEMClientImpl.createError(
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.client.wbem.impl.WBEMClientImpl.doRequest(
         | EXCEPTION WBEMResponseException : CIM_ERR_FAILED
         |     WBEMResponseException [Error=protocol.response.full, Context=[WBEM/CIM-XML, SELECT Name FROM CIM_Namespace [interop], CIM_ERR_FAILED]]
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.impl.DiscoveryOperation.discoverClass(
         | EXCEPTION DiscoveryException : Underlaying error
         |     DiscoveryException [Error=discovery, Context=[class]]
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.impl.DiscoveryOperation.discoverClass(
         | EXCEPTION OperationException : Discovery (Array) completed with error(s).
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.impl.DiscoveryOperation.interruptAfterDiscoveryException(
         |         com.sentrysoftware.portal.common.job.impl.DiscoveryOperation.discoverClass(
         | An operation fails, this will be added to the current execution error stack.

    This errors are in most cases problems on the Storage Provider, the ETL is connecting to.

    1.  Collect Trouble shooting  before escalating to Sentry. with the help of Hitachi admin.
    2.  Collect the logs of possible from the SMI-S provider store in this example location: 
    C:\Mapp\wk\832000480182\SMI\logs  the real path depends on the Firmware.

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