Remedy - D2P - Pre-Deployment Checklist for AR, ITSM d2p packages

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR, ITSM 18.0x, 19.x


    What are the steps to follow before deploying AR, ITSM d2p packages e.g. Hotfix, patch?.



    Review configuration of these Forms & Files :

       JAVA_HOME parameter: Should be set with valid java jre path (Note: This must be same as BMC_JAVA_HOME). 

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    AR System Monitor Form:
    Should have ONE entry with correct hostname for each monitor type. E.g. AR Server, Midtier, Smart IT. (Delete any incorrect or duplicate entry).

    User-added image File:
    Monitor ID from AR System Monitor form should match with the entry present in this file (Note: If the GUIDs do not match and we must correct this problem using steps:
    Delete the file, restart ARServer (or other affected component such as Mid-Tier or Smart IT), and a new file along with a new GUID entry will get created.
    Review the
    AR System Monitor form and delete the original GUID since a new one was generated.)

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    ar.cfg File
    Only ONE Server-Plugin-Alias entry should exists for ARSYS.ARF.ARMIGRATE plugin and should have reference to correct Server-Connect-Name and Port.

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    arpluginsvr_config.xml File:
    One entry of ARSYS.ARF.ARMIGRATE plugin along with all required path elements should be present.
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    armonitor.cfg File:
    One entry of
    arfiledeployer plugin process should be present with correct .jar file version.

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    Plugin Server and Tomcat Server Heap Size:
    To avoid delay in D2P package import or issue where package disappears from the console, we should make sure to have max Heap set to 2 to 4 GB for AR and Tomcat Server.

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    IIS Request Filtering - Maximum Allowed Content Length
    If you are using IIS as your web server and Tomcat as your JSP Engine,  the Maximum Allowed Content Length parameter may need to be adjusted to allow large files.
    Recommended setting:  265000000   (approx 250 MB)

    Deployment Configuration and Troubleshooting document:


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