Atrium Integrator Spoon Client Setup

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    The purpose of this article is to clarify and ensure the correct functioning of Atrium Integrator Client.

    Having installed successfully The Remedy Suite in server environment (ARS,CMDB,AI,ITSM,SRM,etc...) and you opt to work with AR System and AI client tools, in this case Spoon to model your data for Remedy, here below are some suggestions to ensure the proper functioning of the tool.

    At the installation moment of your AR Client and Atrium Integrator Client you need to ensure to:

    1. Have the products (ARS & AI) and versions aligned  'Server' <> 'Client' each other to avoid any sort of corruption with your Jobs/Transformations at the moment of edit/update, which is due to the difference in binaries that affect either Pentaho out of the box and BMC's steps (Fig. 1.1-2).

    (Fig. 1.1) This is the list of the plugins in server side
    User-added image

    (Fig. 1.2) This is the list of the plugins in client side
    User-added image

    2. Verify you have the same binaries in Client side and Server side. This helps to prevent any malfunctioning of a given job/transformation caused by a particular step not being available at client end or server end.
    The jars present in the lib folder of you ARS and AI client installation shall be present in the lib folder of the server.

    "%:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\diserver\data-integration\lib"   -- Client

    " /opt/bmc/ARSystem/diserver/data-integration/lib"      -- Server

    Note: The number of binaries do not match although client binaries shall be present in server lib folder.

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