Atrium Integrator missing entries in UDM:RAppPassword form

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Integration Engine


    Any Atrium Integrator or Spoon version



    What to do if you get the following error in a Spoon or Atrium Integrator job? 

    "Did not find Remedy Application Service password for server RemedyServerB in UDM:RAppPassword Form on server RemedyServerA"


    RemedyServerA - Environment A
    RemedyServerB - Environment B




    This error can derive from 2 scenarios:


    Scenario 1


    In this scenario your AI - Spoon job transforms data to load into environment A but, if the transformation is meant to extract data from other remedy environment, lets say environment B, then the transformation will be failing on a particular step (maybe an AROutput) that is meant to connect to environment B. Which justifies a connection to other remedy environment.


    This is due to environment A needs to have ARServer host entry with it's Remedy Application Service password in the UDM:RAppPassword form in order to be able to connect to environment B. Which is the reason why the job fails with this error.


    To resolve this you just need to add your AR host and RAP password entry of B environment in the UDM:RAppPassword form of environment A and test. This error shall be gone.




    Scenario 2


    This scenario shows a potential lack of Remedy connection update in the AI /Spoon job that is referring to the old environment (B)  and shall point to environment A. You can update your connections in either of the following:


    - The repository connections from Spoon
    - The specific steps of the spoon transformation/job that require the connection update (it is a better practice previous though)
    - The connections in Atrium integrator console (If apply)


    Then you may want to test and the issue shall disappear. 


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