Some of queues history data was not recorded in QP view

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    Issue: some of queues history data is not recorded/found in the QP view


     After reviewing the MQEX data space data.  and we can see that there were no current gets and puts, but over 26000 gets, and no puts during the interval against the dead letter queue.  It looks like the messages are depleted pretty fast. And we can find the last recorded CURDEPTH was 961  

       Because the rate of message consumption is high,  the 961 records can be consumed quickly and CURDEPTH ( value is refreshed right before QP view is displayed/redisplayed) can possibly returned to 0 at that point.   We think that may be the reason why user are not seeing  the dead letter queue in the QP display.   If user display the QP view and Qstatus view at the same time (using split screen mode), user may be able to see the change in the current depth, and whether it indeed returns to 0 at some point. Or user can increase the interval time and see that would make a difference.

      We recommend to apply BPL2852, BPL2788, BPL2894 and BPL2937 to avoid any potential issue.

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