EUEM - What can cause packet loss as reported by the Real User Collector Home page?

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    TrueSight Collector


    Real User Collector versions 10.5 and later



    What can cause the packet loss as shown on the Real User Collector Home page? 




    The packet loss statistic shown on the Real User Collector Home page come from many possible sources.

    1. There are missing TCP packets based on their sequence numbers. If the Collector sees a TCP packet with sequence number 44, then it expects to see another TCP packet with sequence number 45 shortly thereafter. When this does not happen, the Collector ignores that TCP conversation and reports a packet loss.
    3. The numbers of TCP SYN, TCP SYN+ACK and TCP ACK flags are not close enough in values. These flags are required for a TCP session on which HTTP is based. If there is a larger amount of one of these flags compared to the other two then all traffic associated with the extra flags will be ignored by EUEM and reported as packet loss.
    5. The Collector could not process the raw traffic data being copied to it because of resource limitations. You can try to increase resources on the Collector or filter out the non-HTTP and non-HTTPS traffic that is copied to the Collector. In this way, the Collector spends less time on discarding other traffic from other protocols.
    7. Oversaturation of the Network Interface (NIC) used by the Real User Cloud Probe to capture traffic to monitor. The operating system has limits that could be increased. Contact your system administrator to make the changes.


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