EUEM - How to see what monitored traffic is using TLS version 1, 2 or 3?

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    BMC Real End User Experience Monitoring - Software Edition


    Cloud Probe


    Real User Cloud Probe versions 10.0 and later



    The monitored traffic is encrypted with different versions of TLS/SSL. How to see which server IP address is using which version of TLS ?
    The Real User Collector's Reference lists on SSL Version shows only the count for each SSL version.




    There is no historical record of the server IP addresses that correspond to each TLS/SSL version used. The Real User Cloud Probe only keeps track of a count for each version.

    A workaround is to run a tcpdump on the system where the Cloud Probe is deployed. Using a tool like Wireshark on the capture file with a filter looking for the SSL handshake can reveal the version of SSL used.


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