AI (Atrium Integrator) Jobs Do Not Work After A DB Refresh (Includes Video)

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    AtriumCore 8.0 and above


    After copying/refreshing the ARSystem database from another system, the AI jobs no longer work


    The UDM form configurations change and the job/transformation log connections change


    Need to perform the following:

    - Update the Host field in the UDM:Config form.
    - Update the Server Name and RAppPassword field in UDM:RAppPassword form.
    - Remove all existing entries from the UDM:ExecutionInstanceform.
    - For the executed jobs, remove the old Atrium Integrator Engine Server Name reference from the UDM: PermissionInfo form entries with type as "Job".
    - Update the server name in Atrium Integrator Spoon--> Job/Transformation Properties--> Logging tab--> Log Connection.
    - Delete all the AI job schedules and then create new schedules.

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