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    Remedy AR System Server


    18.05 18.08


    After upgrading ARServer from an earlier version the drop down menu's no longer have any result.  The message 'No entries in menu' is displayed.

    The sql captured clearly shows that the results are being restricted with a where clause of  ROWNUM <= 0
    This will never return any results.

    +EXPQRY  ARExpandQueryMenu --  from Mid-tier (protocol 26) at IP address using RPC // :q:0.0s
    */ SELECT DISTINCT T14.C8 FROM T14 WHERE ((T14.C7 = 1) AND (T14.C160 = 'en_GB') AND ROWNUM <= 0 ) ORDER BY T14.C8 ASC
    */ OK

    Running the query directly against the database without the where clause proves that there are entries to be returned.


    ARServer parameter Operating-Mode was set to 1



    During the upgrade Operating-Mode is set to 1 (or 2)  this should be reset back to 0 when the the upgrade completes - even if unsuccessful.
    For some unknown reason, it was not reset and still held the value 1.  After checking that the upgrade was successful in the logs, Operating-Mode can be set in the ar.cfg to 0
    (note: you cannot easily set this using centralized config because centralized config also relies on a drop down menu.)

    Setting name: Operating-Mode
    Possible values (integer):

    • OPERATING_MODE_NORMAL, 0 - normal mode, default, how the server runs today
    • OPERATING_MODE_UPGRADE_PRIMARY, 1 - upgrade mode for the primary server
    • OPERATING_MODE_UPGRADE_SECONDARY, 2 - upgrade mode for secondary servers

    Defect SW00555108 has been created to address the incorrect where clause as this is the wrong behaviour for Operating-Mode 1  (2) 


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