Reconciliation Job Remains In Queued Status (Includes Video)

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    Reconciliation Job remains in queued status after starting




    Legacy ID:KA365424

    The following things need to be verified for resolving this issue:

    - If the arrecond process (Reconciliation Engine Process) is running on the AR Server Machine and is uncommented in the armonitor.cfg file

    - If the arsvcdsp process (AR Dispatcher Process) is running on the AR Server machine and is uncommented in the armonitor.cfg file

    - The 'AR System Server Group Operation Ranking' form has a Rank 1 entry and correct host entries for the Reconciliation, Administration and CMDB operations.

    After verifying the above configurations, kill the arrecond process (and the arsvcdsp process on the rank 1 server for Administration operations, if killing the arrecond process alone does not help) on the rank 1 server for Reconciliation. The processes that are killed will be started automatically again.

    The RE job can then be run again and it should work as expected.


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