DWP Advanced/Basic Increase myit attachment size limit

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    DWP 18.08 Fixed on 19.05


    MyIT has 5 MB attachment size limit by default. We need to increase that limit up to 10 MB. This was increased by performing change in "srAttachmentSizeLimit" in config.json file under ux\previous\myitapp\scripts\app\ and ux\current\myitapp\scripts\app\ file
    Now User is able to attach file that is more than 5MB while creating the Service Request. But while adding a comment in the Service Request they are getting an error. ( Below is the snippet from log). Is there any other parameter we need to change especially for adding >5 MB attachment in comments.

    com.bmc.bsm.mobile.errorhandling.MobilityException: {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_PROCESS_RETURNED","errorCode":1002,"defaultMessage":"Application Error: A process on the data server returned an error.","additionalMessage":"Can not add file: file is bigger then limit 5242880 bytes","detailMessage":null,"ARConnectionProblem":false}
                   at com.bmc.bsm.myit.support.v1.putfile.AbstractPutFileAdapter.checkForFileSize(AbstractPutFileAdapter.java:128)
                   at com.bmc.bsm.myit.support.v1.putfile.assistance.SrRawAttachmentPutFileAdapter.process(SrRawAttachmentPutFileAdapter.java:70)
                   at com.bmc.bsm.myit.support.v1.putfile.PutFileResource.putRawFile(PutFileResource.java:119)




    Most likely the fix will be in 18.08 next CU Hot-fix tentatively scheduled for end of December.
    Fixed on DWP 19.05

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