Midtier fails to start or deploy in Tomcat

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    While starting Tomcat which has Midtier 19.02 deployed, fails to start the Midtier application. The error captured in logs is:

    java.lang.RuntimeException: Some other Midtier is already started..java.nio.channels.OverlappingFileLockException Please ensure that only one Midtier is running and you have appropriate permission and restart Midtier. If this dies not solve the problem then please contact BMC support


    It's found that there were some conflicting jar files (possibly from previous Midtier version). Refer attached screenshot of the files which were to be removed in the attachment field

    Additionally, a hard flush of MT cache was done. The steps to do a hard flush of MT cache are:

    01. Stop Tomcat / Websphere
    02. Delete the contents of following (temporary) folders:
    <midtier_dir>\cachetemp (if exists)
    03. Delete the following cache stats file: (for midtier version 9 and later,  please go to "WEB-INF\classes\viewServerStats" folder)
    04. Delete contents of Tomcat's/WebSphere's working directory for "arsys" in (these will be recreated by the Tomcat / Websphere):
    05. Start Tomcat / Websphere
    06. Delete browser cache (When clearing browser cache in IE, be sure to uncheck the "Preserve Favorites Websites Data")
    07. Login Midtier & verify
    Note: Delete of files in Midtier's / Tomcat's / Websphere's "logs" folder is recommended, though optional
    Note: Don't delete Tomcat's "temp" folder, instead delete its contents


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