How to report patch installations with BCM

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    Hi community!


    Over the last months I've received quite often the same request:


    "How could we report the installations of patches within the patch management?"


    Or a similar question:


    "Which patch has been installed on which server?"


    If you are working with PatchManagement you may also have this specific request or you may have already solved it. If you have a different solution please leave a comment.

    The key is to report on the inventory changes. BCM does store all inventory changes for 30 days (default value, could be changed, changing this value is not recommended) in the database. And there is an option to report this specific data. It is the "Inventory Delta".


    1. You need to create a query which selects the devices which have a change and only select the interesting rows from the inventory delta. In this example only the device type "server" is used.



    This is the criteria set which I think should work the best to get a list which contains the installed patches.


    2. Create a report which uses the query from 1. and add the columns you need. I wanted to have as less as possible columns so I used this basic column configuration




    That's it. If use as "Style1" for this report and used the configuration above you will get a simple list for all your Servers:




    You may want to add some charts like OS distribution or PatchKB versions. Or any other data you need in this report. I've used our test-lab DB to configure a report which also has the two mentioned charts:





    You should consider to let BCM run this report automatically and e.g. send it as E-Mail to specific Administrators. If you want to have this report generated each month on the first day you have to configure the schedule by cronspec. In this example the report will run every 1st of every month at 9:00 am





    I've attached a XML file which contains the report and two queries. If you import the XML file you'll find the data in Lost & Found.



    00 Dashboard - Server Patch installation History


    00 Serverinventory changes

    00 All Windows server devices



    NOTE: The report does use the inventory delta. This means if BCM is the only patch source for your environment this report will show which patches has been installed by BCM. However if your environment has also another patch source this report will show also the patches which have been installed by the other patch source - at least if the product is supported.