Atrium Integrator: Troubleshooting Job Schedules, What to look for when AI jobs schedules don't work as expected.

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    BMC Atrium Core - CMDB


    BMC Atrium Core


    Atrium Integrator 9.x, 18.x,19.x


    Atrium Integrator jobs schedules are handled by AR System.
    Here is a brief rundown of items to check when the jobs are not getting executed by their schedules.
    --AI Scheduled jobs run multiple times




    The first piece of information at hand in the Atrium Integrator console is in the job History, and the Integration Job Details tabs:

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    • Check if the 'Start Time' in the History tab matches the 'Start Time' and the Recurrence Type, and of course, if the schedule is Active or not. Also note the 'Schedule Name' and the 'Carte Server' assigned.

    • If the job didn't execute at all ( no entry in the History tab ) spite having a schedule, check the form AR System Job:

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    •, you can search by 'Job Type' = Pentaho, and the 'Schedule Name' you collected earlier.

    • Check the Previous Collection Time, if it was set to the scheduled 'Start Time' on the day and time it was supposed to be executed and also, if it did set properly the 'Next Collection Time' as per the recurrence defined.

    • If the Previous Collection Time wasn't set and we are past the execution time, there is a problem with AR Scheduler, and needs to be investigated.

    • If, instead, the Previous Collection Time was set, and it did also set the Next Collection Time, there could be a problem with the escalation that runs of the form for Pentaho jobs, ASJ:ScheduleJob. In this case, enable escalation logs and test.


    If none of these steps still resolves the issue:

    1. Test running the job manually from the Atrium Integrator console, and verify if you get any errors that may need to be addressed.

    3. Check the 'arjavaplugin.log' for any errors of the type
      .createEntry() FAILs in plugin: ARSYS.ARDBC.PENTAHO that may need to be troubleshooted


    Additional notes:

    • Always use the Atrium Integrator 'Manage Job Schedules'
      to edit the job schedules. DO NOT USE the AR System Job form unless instructed to do so by Support.

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    • Avoid editing the Job Schedules too much at the same given time. Editing over and over the same schedules can cause not saving the desired settings.

    • Avoid keeping too many 'Inactive' schedules as well. Keep your job definitions as lean as possible.

    • If you choose to execute the job using other server than the Default Carte Server option ( like in the screenshot above ) and you are running Atrium Integrator in a Server Group, make sure that server is the will have any required flat files, etc, for the job to execute properly and that is also set as the Atrium Integrator Server Name in the UDM:ExecutionInstance form as preferred server.

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    Another important and crucial point is verifying Job Run Escalation.
         ASJ:ScheduleJob escalation is responsible to trigger AI schedule jobs on schedule time
    • Make sure that this particular Escalation is Enabled
    • This should be running on specific pool
       How to run an escalation on a specific pool number, please refer the following:

    (alternate url:


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