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Version 3
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    Execute Blue Prism processes


    Detailed Description

    This Control-M Application Integrator job type enables the execution of processes defined in Blue Prism, one of the leading RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions. The job type includes the following functionality:

    • run a Blue Prism process, specifying the resource or resource pool for its execution;
    • works in synchronous mode, this is, the Control-M job stays on "Running" status until the Blue Prism process has completed (ok or failed);
    • optionally, it is possible to pass startup parameters to the Blue Prism process;
    • retrieves the Blue Prism process log into the Control-M job output.


    The integration is achieved via the Blue Prism CLI, using the AutomateC.exe command line utility. It uses the /run and /resource parameters for the execution, /status to check if the process has completed, and /getlog to retrieve the process log.




    Connection Profile

    • Path : Path to the AutomateC.exe command (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Blue Prism Limited\Blue Prism Automate" - without the quotes).
    • User : Defined in Blue Prism, with permissions to execute the required processes.
    • Password : For the previously defined user.


    Job Properties

    • Process : The Blue Prism process name (it can contain spaces, and do not enclose in quotes). The process should have previously been published in Blue Prism in order to be executed.
    • Resource : The Blue Prism target resource (server or workstation running the Blue Prism "Robot" software component) or resource pool (group of resources) for its execution.
    • Use Parameters : Select this option if the Blue Prism process requires input parameters.
    • Parameters : Use it to supply any startup parameters to the Blue Prism process. If the "Use Parameters" option is not selected, please make sure this field is empty.
      • It should contain valid Blue Prism parameters in XML and enclosed in quotes (" "). Since quotation marks are used to delimit the start/end of the parameters XML string, it is recommended to delimit XML attributes using single quote marks (‘ ‘), e.g: "<inputs><input name='Word1' type='text' value='Hello' /><input name='Word2' type='text' value='World' /></inputs>"
      • Alternatively, it is also possible to use two quotation marks ("" "") to mark the start/end of each XML parameter, e.g: "<inputs><input name=""Word1"" type=""text"" value=""Hello"" /><input name=""Word2"" type=""text"" value=""World"" /></inputs>"


    Additional Information

    • The job checks the Blue Prism process status every 10 seconds. If required, this value can be modified in the "Verify Operation Completion" > "Run this step every" parameter (or could be defined as a Connection Profile parameter). It is also possible to define a max number of retries and a timeout in case the status check command fails or takes too long.
    • The "Verify Operation Completion" operation is repeated (and the job stays in Running status) until the strings "Completed" (job is set as Ok), "Failed" or "Stopped" (job is set as Not Ok) are detected.
    • The job could be enhanced to include a "Manual Abort Operation" (in the Application Integrator job type definition) using the /requeststop parameter for the AutomateC.exe CLI utility (e.g: {{BP_Path}}\AutomateC.exe /user {{BP_User}} {{BP_Password}} /requeststop {{SESSION}}). This way, if a Control-M user performs a "Kill" operation on the job, it would send a "Stop Request" to the Blue Prism session, setting a flag that the running process can check using the IsStopRequested() function in a decision stage.



    • Any Blue Prism version supporting the AutomateC.exe CLI utility and the parameters used in the job definition.
    • Control-M/Agent + Application Integrator Plug-in must be installed on the Blue Prism Application Server (on Windows).
    • The Control-M/Agent Windows service should be running as a local or system user with permissions for both accessing and executing the Blue Prism AutomateC.exe CLI utility.


    Platforms and versions

    The job was created and tested with the following platforms and versions:

    • Blue Prism Application Server 6.3 (running on Windows Server 2012 R2)
    • Control-M/EM, Control-M/Server, Control-M/Agent
    • Control-M Application Integrator

         (it should also work with any later Control-M versions)


    Author: David Fernandez, Principal Solution Engineer, BMC Software