Connect with BMC Helix and Remedy - Introduction to Hierarchical Groups Webinar Q&A

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    Presentation References

    Hierarchical groups: Using a parent group for permission inheritance


    ITSM data access model enhancements in version 9.1


    ITSM Data Access Model Documentation


    Row Level Security





    Q: What happens if Company 5 need CM also?  My understanding it's a one to one relationship, you can only have one parent?


    A: We can achieve it using two layers Say ABC is parent of CM then we can add Company 5 as a parent of ABC. Or CM as parent of Company 5



    Q: Where do you see the "Group Permissions" box that was on the right?


    A: You will see this information in the group permissions tab in the form definitions tab in dev studio.  Open the form in Dev Studio, select the Definitions tab, expand the Group Permissions panel and you can find the Group Permissions details.



    Q: What is the different between choice Support group or Support Group and Company ?


    A: With Support Group, only members of the support group can see the record. With Support Group + Company, both members of the support group and members of the company can see record.  The reason for it, Company Group ID will be added to field 112 as well as Support group ID



    Q: Are the company choice automatically inherit support group


    A: No, but from a permission perspective, someone who is a member of Company's support group is also a member of the company, so they would have access.



    Q: Do those parent group IDs actually show up if you list the values of filed 112 in a report?


    A: Those will show up in a report of field 60989.



    Q: Is the parent group a company, support group, or new record in the 'Group' form?


    A: No, will be the same record with updated value on Parent field.  The parent group could be any group in the Group form.  This could be any of these types of groups.



    Q: Can you have multiple parent groups for a single group?


    A: No, while parents can have many children, a child can only have one parent.



    Q: Can  parent group belong to another company ?


    A: Yes, A child can have a parent and then that parent can also have a parent.  The child now has a parent and a grandparent.  The grandparent will have permission to records assigned to the child.



    Q: The example is using a new support group IT Data Access. Wouldn't this new support group be visible for ticket assignment? should it be visible? Wouldn't it be better to just make a new Group?


    A. Visibility for assignment – different functionality. Ability to use Support Group for assignment, needs to be configured. HG taking care only for data access.



    Q: Could you help me understand how performance would be improved with HM


    A: The row level security runs a DB query that would include a WHERE clause to find records assigned to any of the groups the user belongs to.  There could be many groups.  The idea is to reduce the number of groups to look for, rather than belonging to many groups, the user could belong to a company (group) that is a parent of all of these other companies.  This would reduce the size of the query WHERE clause.