Email-based approvals are not working when using gmail email client. Encounter ARERR 4934 - The modify key in the incoming modify action email message is invalid.

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    ARS 9.x


    Finding the Modify Key string from initial outgoing email from Remedy and the Modify Key string in email that end user receives is the same.
    When the reply to approval the email is performed, the Modify Key string found in the incoming mailbox on the gmail server has changed.

    Remedy is receiving the email message with the Modify Key different.

    Encounter ARERR 4934 - The modify key in the incoming modify action email message is invalid.

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    Special characters are not being interpreted correct from gmail cliient which cause reply in message to be in one single line instead of required separate lines.



      Steps to follow

    1.Modify the approval template - Approval_By_Email_Content_en.html
    2.Remove the <br> from the line break formatting to successfully use text Rich Text and Plain Text from Gmail. 
    3.Save template and test further.

    The following modification works.
                             <td width="11%"><strong><a href="mailto:#$18087$#?subject=Approve request #$$Request ID02 Ticket$$#&amp;body=#DO NOT MODIFY FOLLOWING TEXT#%0D%0AAction:Modify%0D%0AServer:$SERVER$%0D%0ASchema:AP:Detail-Signature%0D%0ARequest%20ID: #$$Detail-Sig-ID$$#%0D%0AApproval Status!13191!:1%0D%0AStatus Template:Approval_By_Email_Status_en%0D%0AResult Template:Approval_By_Email_Result_Approve_en%0D%0A##Modify##:"><font face="Tahoma, sans-serif" size="2">Approve</font></a></strong></td> 
       Note:  This workaround was provided by a Customer whose approval emails were 99% in Rich Text format.  This may not be a good workaround where other email formats are utilized. In those scenarios contacting the email client vendor is the better path.  


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