How to Customize Related Lists in BMC Helix Remedyforce

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    How to customize related list 


    You can customize the buttons, columns displayed, column order, and record sort order of related lists on record detail pages in Salesforce and the Salesforce Customer Portal.

    Access the page layout editor for the object where you are looking to make changes.

    1. To edit a related list, double-click it. If you’re using the enhanced page layout editor, you can also click the wrench icon (Wrench icon).

      NOTE: You can’t customize the History related list because it links to data stored elsewhere.
    3. Select which fields to include in the related list, define the order in which the fields display, and select the record sort order. The default sort order is by record ID.You can include up to 10 fields per related list.
    5. If desired, select other page layouts to apply your related list customizations to.

      Only layouts that include this related list appear in the list. Layouts that include related lists with the same customizations as the current layout had when you opened it are selected by default.

    7. Click + in the Buttons section to customize which standard and custom buttons are displayed in the related list.

      NOTE: The custom button must be defined for the object contained in the related list, not the parent object, and the button Type must be List Button. For example, to display a custom button on the Contacts related list of an account, define the custom button for contacts, not accounts.
    9. If necessary, click Revert to Defaults to undo any customizations and use the default Salesforce settings in the related list.
    11. Click OK to store your customizations. Changes aren’t saved until you save the page layout.
    13. Select Overwrite users’ customized related lists to apply the related lists in the page layout to all users, even if they have already customized their display.
    15. Save the page layout.
    NOTE: You can enable related list hover links so that record detail pages include links for each related list at the top of the page. Users can hover the mouse over a related list hover link to display the corresponding related list in an interactive overlay that allows users to quickly view and manage the related list items. Users can also click a related list hover link to jump to the content of the related list without scrolling down the page. 


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