MainView Explorer and JAVA chagres

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    MainView Infrastructure


    MainView Explorer 6.2 and 6.3


    There are some articles on the Internet indicating that Oracle will begin charging for Java this year. How does that affect MainView Explorer and MainView Viewer? Does my agency need to purchase "pay-for" Java? 



    Technical bulletin — MainView Explorer can now be launched from a stand-alone package explains this, offering BQY1938 (release 6.2) and BQY1939 (Release 6.3) to no longer require a Java Runtime Environment.  A link to the TB is


    There is also a short video that explains how to use the new process.  It can be found at

    This process will make it so that users will no longer need to have JRE installed on their individual PCs, nor pay for it should Oracle start charging as expected. 


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