Message +CMFERR-P-CMF00010 CTRLSIZE storage area exhausted

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    Getting message "CMFERR-P-CMF00010 CTRLSIZE storage area exhausted" when running the CPU report



    This problem was fixed by the 31 bit enhancement in CMF MONITOR version 6.1.  There will be no fix for version 6.0.00 so you will need to upgrade to v6.1.00 to get more available virtual storage for the analyzer job.  

    Below is a snip from our CMF MONITOR v6.1.00 Release notes which describes the enhancement.

    CMF Analyzer support for 31-bit storage

    In prior releases, CMF Analyzer ran as a 24-bit mode application, which limited the number of reports and the amount of data that could be processed. In version 6.1, the Analyzer runs in 31-bit mode and can handle an increased number of reports and a higher volume of data. It uses a 4G Memory Object for DMSS storage instead of DASD or Hiperspace. If required, you can also specify a larger Memory Object.

    There are new JCL PARM parameters that you can use to manage the storage. The default value for these parameters have already been set. The CTRLSIZE parameter is now obsolete (and ignored without error if specified) and replaced with the STACK and LOWSTACK parameters, with defaults of 16M and 64K respectively, which should eliminate the need to specify them in most cases. You will have to modify these values only when the Analyzer JCL or installation defaults limit the REGION size to less that 32M and the MEMLIMIT to less that 4G.

    The SHIFT Analyzer control statement supports up to 288 time pairs, which allows a full 24 hours to be reported on in 5-minute intervals. The previous limit of 96 would be limited to 15 minute intervals for 24 hours.

    The Analyzer can now create Transaction Dumps (IEATDUMP) in place of the previously formatted SNAP dumps when it encounters certain errors.

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