Control-M Workload Archiving Performance during searches is very slow

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    Control-M Workload Archiving


    Control-M Workload Archiving


    Control-M Workload Archiving 9


    Why does it take minutes to retrieve results from a search performed in the History Domain -> Archive Search?


    Searches done in the Archive Search will depend mostly on the amount of data being stored in the Archive database.  The searches should only take at most 30-60 seconds and can take longer if the Archive Server is in debug mode since it will be tracking all requests and writes to the database.  Ensure that the Diagnostic mode for Workload Archiving is only used when asked for by support personnel.

    To disable Diagnostic mode:

    1. Navigate to:  {archive home}/archive/config
    3. Edit the following file and parameters     
      • SystemParameters.xml
      • <Parameter>
                        <Description>activate performance measurement</Description>
    To turn on diagnostics at the request of support set the "Value" to "true". 

    While enabled the Java process for the Archive server will consume double (2x) the memory allocated for the process which will affect performance. 

    There are some additional parameters that can also be updated.  In {EM_HOME}/archive/config/, backup the file SystemParameters.xml and change the following similar to the above:


    "collection.threadpool.size" change it 


    From: 12


    To: 20




    "activate.authorization.subsystem" change it


    From: True


    To: False




    In the EM CCM open the EM System Parameters and change "CommEMBufferSize" 


    From: 10000000


    To: 100000000


    After these changes are made, restart the archive server and the GUI Server as well as all EM Gateway component.


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