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    How to print trace logs data sets in MVCICS?


    The trace reports are provided by a batch utility job, CMTBPRNT (hlq.BBSAMP(CMRTBTRA))

    CMTBPRNT can process multiple data sets and produce multiple reports in one pass of the data.
    The trace reports produced by CMTBPRNT contain the same trace data in the same format as the online trace displays.
    The primary input source for CMTBPRNT is data collected by MainView for CICS online traces and stored on trace log data sets (TLDS).
    Data from a number of online displays can be combined into one printed report.
    For example, a single report can contain both LTRAC and DTRAC data.
    Alternatively, you can produce separate LTRAC and DTRAC reports from a single pass of the data. You can also use selection options, such as date and time, to filter the trace data included in a report.
    For more details about CMTBPRNT see MainView for CICS Online Services Guide

    In a simply way, you can generate a job to print a report from one TLDS by using the P line command from the HT view, as described in Line commands. See below figure:

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