CTGCICS view does not display APPLID and Jobname values depending on when CTG connected to CICS

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS when monitoring the CICS Transaction Gateway


    The CTGCICS view displays correct information excepted for APPLID and Jobname values which are blank depending on the starting order of BBI-SS PAS, CTGs and CICS control regions.

     16JAN2019  12:34:56 ------ MAINVIEW WINDOW INTERFACE (V6.2.00) ----------------
     CURR WIN ===> 1        ALT WIN ===>     
     >W1 =CTGCICS==========(ALL======CTGS1===)16JAN2019==12:34:56====MVCICS===D====6
        CICS     CICS   Gateway  Curr Total  Avg.  Comms    IPIC     S-O-R XLUW   XA
       APPLID   Jobname  APPLID  Reqs Reqs   Resp. Prtcl   Status    Reqs  Reqs  Req
                        CTGS1       0     1  0.264 IPIC  UNAVAILABLE     1     0
                        CTGS1       0     0  0.000 IPIC  NOTSTARTED      0     0
                        CTGS1       0    25  0.343 IPIC  AVAILABLE      25     0
                        CTGS1       0     2  0.975 IPIC  UNAVAILABLE     0     0
      CICSCRE2 CICSCRE2 CTGS1       0   181  0.425 IPIC  AVAILABLE     164     0
      CICSCRE3 CICSCRE3 CTGS1       0   181  0.419 IPIC  AVAILABLE       0     0

    Requests that arrive from Web servers are in CTG/ECI. The protocol used between CTG servers and CICS regions is IPIC. Connections between CTG servers and CICS are made at the first request that arrives from a Web server.

    As long as there is no request on a CICS, the CTG server does not see the CICS that is for the CTG server, in the "NOT STARTED" status even if the CICS is started.

    There are two cases, depending on existing connections when starting the BBI-SS PAS:

    1. If the CTG server had current connections with some CICS regions, the status is AVAILABLE. MVCICS sees the CICS correctly and displays the APPLID as well, even after the daily CICS stop/restart.

    2. If the CTG server did not have any connection in progress with some CICS regions, the status is NOT STARTED. MVCICS does not display the CICS APPLID, even if connections have been made in the meantime between the CTG server and the CICS, which then changes to AVAILABLE status.


    Please check the ctg.ini file and add the following parameters for each of the IPICSERVER definitions:


    Article Number:


    Article Type:


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