How to Summarize MainView for CICS Task History

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS 6.7 or later


    How to summarize MainView for CICS task history?


    MainView for CICS allows you to summarize task history data on a time interval basis.  Valid values are 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 and 1440 minutes.

    In MainView for CICS, type CHISTORY on the command line and press enter.  Tab down to the Summary Interval field and enter the desired number of minutes:
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    By default, this field is blank, in which case, you get normal task history.  On the other hand, if you enter a value in this field, then you will summarize by time interval.

    In this example, you get one row per 15-minute interval per CICS region:
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    To focus on a single CICS region, enter a context command:
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    Now, you get one row per 15-minute interval for the single CICS region:
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    Look at the Average Response, Average CPU, Average Suspend, Average Stg HWM and Average IO columns looking for spikes in performance.  Place the cursor on the No of Tasks on the row with the highest average response time:
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    Now, we get one row per task that executed within the 15-minute interval:
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    Place the cursor on the response time of the task with the highest response time and press enter to get detailed information on the offending transaction:
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    For more information, see Specifying a Summary Interval in the MainView for CICS Online Services Guide:
    Also, see the MainView for CICS – Viewing Task History quick course video:

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