Mainview AutoOPERATOR: How do I find out which MVAO rules are enabled

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    MainView AutoOPERATOR


    MainView AutoOPERATOR


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    How do I find which MainView Automation rules are active?



    There are a few quick and easy steps to determine which MainView AUTOOperator Rules are active on a system.


    First sign on to MainView and from the main panel, navigate to the Automated Operations “option A”.

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    The MainView Automation Panel will be displayed. Select Option “P” for Performance and History.
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    From the EZAO main view type in the Rule Status view ALLRULES
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    The ALLRULES view displays all the rules and their current state, enabled or disabled. You can filter and sort on different fields to display the different types of rules and by scroll right see if the rule fires an Exec.  Understanding what your automation is doing is key to managing your application availability and performance.

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