How to schedule a job in Control-M Enterprise Manager to run on certain days

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 8.0.00, 9.0.00


    How to schedule a Control-M job on all weekdays (Mondays – Fridays) except for 4th working day.
    If it’s a Monday, the job must order in too (regardless whether it’s 4th working day). 



    Follow the below steps to create the necessary calendars:

    1) Create a regular calendar that covers all week days (Monday-Friday) with the name Mon-Fri (for example)


    2) Create a Rule Based Calendar (RBC) that has "Days of the Week", and select Mondays, and name it MonOnly (for example)


    3) Create job (OS job)  and go to Scheduling Tab

    4) Under Schedule, select 'Advanced Scheduling' from the drop-down list


    5) Under Days of Month, select weekdays calendar (Mon-Fri) that was defined in Step 1, and specify  -D4 

    6) Ensure the OR option is selected


    7) Add the Rule Based Calendar (RBC) calendar (MonOnly) which was created in Step 2  under Rule-based Calendars List

    If Control-M/Forecast is installed and enabled, click on "View Schedule" for verification on which days the job will run


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