DWP Catalog - Installing Licenses via User Tool/Midtier

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    MyIT Service Broker


    DWP Catalog 18.0 ,19.0


    How do I install DWP Catalog LIcenses?


    1.- Log into the DWP Catalog AR Server, using Midtier or User Tool as dwpadmin

        NOTE: I will show you how to do this via User Tool. You can do follow these steps for Midtier as well. Please, refer to the documentation for this.

        Attached is file called UserTool100.docx  in which I explain how to configure User Tool for DWP Catalog.

    2.- Click on AR System Administration Console

    User-added image

    3.- Click on Common Server Configuration
         3.1 - Click on Add or Remove Licenses

    User-added image

    4.- Click on New (check the screenshot)
         4.1 On the License Type Field, Select AR Server from the Drop down list
         4.2 On the Key Field, copy/paste the License you were provided with
         4.3 Click on the Save button. It has a pencil icon right next to it.

    User-added image
        4.4 Close this window.

    5.- Click on Tenant Server Configuration
    5.1 Click on Add or Remove Licenses

    User-added image

    6.-  On this Form
         6.1 Click on Add New
         6.2 On Application Type, choose Classic from the drop down list
         6.3 On License Type, choose AR User Fixed
         6.4 Number of Licenses* Enter the number of licenses that you have already purchased
         6.5 Click on Save

    7.  Now, repeat Steps 1, 5 and 6, but this time logged in as hannah_admin@yourdomain.com

    8. Restart the DWP Catalog Server, per below documentation

    9. Repeat Steps 1-7 on every single DWP Catalog Group Server Members.

    10.- Confirm this works by login into each and every single DWP Catalog Server as hannah_admin@yourdomain.com


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