How to Set Up Internet Service Retrieval (ISR) for Maintenance

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    How to set-up Internet Retrieval Service to process BMC maintenance.


    Start the Installation System dialog by executing EXEC BMCINSTL.  From the primary menu, select option 3, Apply SMP/E Maintenance.

    On the SMP/E Maintenance Delivery Media panel, select option 1, Retrieve Maintenance Using BMC Internet Service Retrieval.

    You will be prompted for a dataset name for the ISR files.  The LLQ of this file is BMRCLIB.  Check for an SMP/E target dataset matching this name and specify it on this panel.  Next, the following panel is displayed:

    Select the first option, Specify Job Card and ISR Data Set Information.  Specify a valid job card and complete the allocation fields.  For the ISR load library, specify your SMP/E target library with an LLQ of BMRLOAD.

    Select the next menu option, Specify z/OS File System (zFS) Information to display the resulting panel:

    On this panel complete the fields as prompted.  You can use any values appropriate for your environment for the UNIX userID and groupID.  The LLQ of BMCISRFS is recommended.  You can modify the HLQ to a value appropriate for your site.

    Select Specify File Transfer Method to display the following panel:

    You're now ready to generate your ISR request.  For general maintenance, you will likely want to pull the REC (Recommended Maintenance) in subsequent panels..

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