How to change the PATROL default account password?

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    Steps to change the password for PATROL Console Server and PATROL Agent



    Please follow the steps below to change the password of patrol account.

    Changing the PATROL agent account Password on UNIX(This should be done with root permission)

    1) Change the password of the patrol account by using the following command

    #passwd patrol

    enter the desired password

    2) Execute the script as follows.

    #cd patrol_install_dir (for ex. /opt/bmc/Patrol3)

    #. ./

    #./ u_name password patrol_install_dir

    3)  Go to /opt/bmc/Patrol3/OS version/bin to get the encrypted password.

      Run below script to encrypt the password on Linux\UNIX

      Pwd_encrypt <patrolagent password>

     It will give you encrypted password. Copy the password to notepad.
    Run pconfig +get +D > /tmp/pconfig.txt to get the default configuration.
    Modify the pconfig.txt file collected in earlier steps.

    Ø  Update the encrypted password collected in earlier steps to default configuration variable.

    Ø  Use pconfig +Reload /tmp/pconfig.txt to load the configuration.

    Restart the PatrolAgent for changes to take effect.

    Changing the PATROL Console Server Account or Password on UNIX

    1. Stop the PATROL Console Server.

    2. In the operating system, change the password of patrol account.

    3. To update the user name or password in the "patrol.conf"file.

    A. Encrypt the new password by using the "sec_encrypt_p3x" command line utility.

    B. Locate the patrol.conf file in the /etc/patrol.d/ directory and open it in a text Editor.

    C. In the patrol.conf file, locate the [CSERVER] section, and replace the user name and encrypted password in the defaultAccount variable.

    6. Restart the PATROL Console Server.


    Location of sec_encrypt_p3x

    $BMC_ROOT/common/bmc/bin/target/ (UNIX)



    1) Follow the steps below to make use ""for changing the password. If i want to change the password of account "patrol", and password would be "patrol123" use the following command

    ./ patrol patrol123 /opt/bmc/Patrol3

    2) Follow the steps below to make use of "sec_encrypt_p3x" utility

    If you want to give the password as "patrol123" give it in the following way and the utility will encrypt the password.

    $ sec_encrypt_p3x patrol123

    And you will get the password in the encrypted format


    3)Copy the encrypted password and replace it with the encrypted password in the "defaultAccount " variable.

    You will get the entries in the /etc/patrol.d/patrol.conf file something like this



    set environment

    #This is the workaround to contain profile size growing problem when

    #Windows Terminal Services (WTL) KM is loaded



    defaultAccount = patrol:FB0A195D60626300


     For Windows 
    To update the default account password, we need to run the pwd_encrypt binary to get the hahed password. 
    Go to Patrol3/bin from the cmd prompt. 
    Execute the binary pwd_encrypt.exe followed by the current password 
    Example: pwd_encrypt.exe <password> 

    Update the encrypted password in the default configuration file(config.default) present under Patrol3/lib. 
    The defaultAccount setting should be updated. 

    In order to bring the new password into effect, get the running agent configuration using pconfig pconfig +get >current.txt 

    Add the complete defaultAccount information from the config.default file into the current.txt file. 
    Reload the configuration using the pconfig command pconfig +Reload current.txt 

    Restart the PATROL Agent. 



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