Remedy - Server - With Premium Encryption enabled AR Server hangs without apparent reason while observing it is not utilizing any of the List Threads even when AR is restarted

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    Remedy AR System Server v.9.x, v.18.x


    When Premium Encryption is enabled there is the possibility in certain cases of an exposure to List threads (390635) not being utilized.
    Enabling API logging will show entries for 390635 missing and all activity occurring on FAST threads 390620.


    Defect: SW00554296


    This behavior was identified as a defect:
    SW00554296 - Setting Encryption 'Security Policy' to Required causes the server to stop using List threads.

    The defect will be addressed on a future release, not yet determined.

    1- Increase the number of FAST thread (390620) to handle LIST thread (390635) activity.

    2- Add the number of List threads configured to the Fast thread configuration.
      Original Fast / List settings: 
               User-added image

      Changed settings:
                 User-added image

    - A restart of the application is not required.

    - The workaround does not have any impact with performance.


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