How To: Create an Idea in Communities

Version 9
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    Product Management considers all requests for enhancements to the product. Customers can go to Communities and vote for or raise an idea that they would like to see in the future. In this document we will detail how to navigate to Remedyforce Communities to raise ideas for the product.    



    First Step

    So You've submitted a ticket with Support and they have confirmed that your issue should be raised as an Idea in Communities, now what?  First things first, read this document: Ideas FAQ to understand submitting, voting, engaging, stages & workflows.


    Now you are ready to build your Idea in Communities!


    Registering for Communities


    How to Register for BMC Communities

    Please go to and in the top right corner, click on ‘Register’.

    Select the Customer option
    1a. Populate the fields displayed

    Select ‘Access to BMC Support’
    2a. Enter the Contract ID and PIN (Support ID & Pin: See Meeting Minutes Email), then click ‘Validate’. Continue populating remaining fields

    Select ‘Access to BMC Academy’ (This will give you access to our free Web Based Training)
    3a. Populate the fields displayed

    Enter captcha

    Agree to BMC Privacy Policy


    You will receive a confirmation email for your records


    Create an Idea Template

    All ideas need to be created under respective Product community.

    Sign on to Communities -> Product -> BMC Helix Remedyforce -> Actions -> Idea

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    Build the Idea

    Create Idea.JPG

    Fill in

    • Idea Title
    • Body – Explain Idea
    • @BMC_Helix_Remedyforce (This alerts community members to vote your idea up)
    • Add Tags for searchability
    • Check Categories that apply
    • Publish & Vote!

    Use the 'Your Content' option drop-down under your profile to view a list of your submitted ideas.

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    Follow us on Communities!

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    Stay connected with your ITSM tool by following us on Communities.  While you are there search for your Business Relationship Manager and follow in the same way.


    If you have any questions, as always, you can reach out to your dedicated BMC Helix Remedyforce Business Relationship Manager