How to add an FTS Indexer - Includes Video

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System


    ARServer 9.1


    How can I add an FTS Indexer?



    Why would you add an Indexer?

      1.   High Availability 
    • Provide FTS/MFS searches when primary Indexer is down or Busy Reindexing\
    • Multiple Copies of the FTS Collection Directory in case of a failure on one
      2.   Provide Multiple Searchers 
    • FTS/MFS Queries can be distributed across multiple servers
    Steps to Add an Indexer  

    1.  Open the FTS Management Console

    • Configure New Indexer
         Click on the servername for the new indexer and add a check  mark to the 'Is Indexer' check box.  Click 'Apply' 
       User-added image  
    • Configure Searchers to use the New Indexer
          Highlight the Searcher Server to configure  
        Change the value of 'Indexer Server Name' to point to the new Indexer server  
        Click 'Apply' 
       User-added image      



    2.  Open the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form

    • Rank the New Indexer
      User-added image 
    After saving, click on the 'Refresh Ranking' button 

    3.  Restart ARServers

    • Searchers that were updated
      Server-Plugin-Alias must get read 
    • New Indexer
      FTS Plugin  gets started 
    4.  Reindex  
    • The New Indexer needs to be reindexed
    • Use the FTS Management Console to perform the Reindex
    5.  Tune  


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