How to report on Control-M CM or Application add-ons form fields - Not available on Control-M reporting facility

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    Hello BMC Community member


    Have you ever been asked to Report Jobs details from Control-M CM or application add-ons? Did you spend time trying Reporting Facility and gave up?


    Here is how you can generate such reports by querying Control-M EM database for Job Definitions. It can be leveraged by a Control-M for Databases Job type, an OS type job or straight to the Control-M EM user command line.


    Sample query for selecting:

    1) Web services Jobs for a specific Account, WSDL and Operation.

    2) File transfers Jobs  for a specific Account, Local host, Remote Host, Local User, Remote user  and Paths


    Please find Attached the following files:


    Select FILE-TRANS Job Definitions.sql - sample query for FILE-TRANS Job Definitions AFT/MFT. (Can be easiy tailored for Selection Ative Jobs)


    Select FILE-TRANS - Active Job Runs - CTMSDB.sql (sample query for FILE-TRANS AFT/MFT Ative Jobs (Can be easiy tailored for Selection Ative Jobs)

    Please NOTE that the HAVING statement must match the total number of vars/expr desired. This case, we are looking for 4 vars.


    As an option, you can also create a report template with BMC reporting facility including filter "Application Type" and Variables as report Fields. That will give you some basic listing.


    Run the report and provide "Application Type" like FILE_TRANS, WS, SAP, PS8, DATABASE, OS, FileWatch, Report, BIM, DataStage, and others and a NODE for better filtering.


    My Best Regards


    Adriano Gomes