How to configure the AR System to call Web services using AR server and Developer Studio ssl certificates- includes video

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    AR server 7, 8 or 9 using filters consuming third party webservice


       When configuring AR server filter or escalation calls from remedy Remedy AR system to webservers using ssl/tls certificates  either on Admin Tool (7x) or Developer studio (8x-1902)    
    or Using  Remedy AR System plugin server (7x, 8x)  or AR Server (9x-1902) to call a webservice protected with ssl/tls certiifcates using Self Signed certificates or signed certificates from Certificates Authorities- such as Internal CAs from one company not linked to a well known CA.  
    The http transactions to load the WSDL (Admin Tool or DEveloper studio) can show errors with stack traces including ssl/tls   
    such as   
      No trusted certificate found  
      PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target 



    The initial consideration would be to use a well known certificate authority to sign the webserver ssl/tls certificates and client  certificates.

    If that is not feasible, exporting the ssl/tls certificate from webserver and importing the certificate in Java keystores used by developer studio and AR server is needed

    The document attached covers the steps and considerations for AR server, Dev studio and Admin tool

    • Identify if the ssl/tls  certificate is valid or if it will require manual processing
    • Identify the process and the java virtual machine version used in each case
    • Identify where the keystore is depending on the JVM location
    • Importing the ssl/tls certificate on each keystore using easy to use keystore explorer
    • default password for java keystore: changeit
    The video covers Updated information for AR server 9x and Developer studio  

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