Can I change Authentication method for all users in Postgres?

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    Can I change Authentication method for all users in Postgres?


    How to change all users from one authentication method to another.

    1. BACKUP DATABASE before attempting the steps below
    3. Run script
    1-list all users authentication methods 
    This will show current users and the authentication methods used 
    This will show the output as below: 
    User-added image
    Look at the cfg_obj_id filed to get the value for each type of authentication. 
    In this example we can see 
    LDAP – 204 
    INTERNAL – 1 
    WEBSERVER – 2 
    We will need those values to alter the authentication method for the users 
    1. Run script to update user authentication method
    20-Update users auth method 
    Search for the line: 
    SELECT * FROM fpdb001_system.update_selected_users_to_new_authentication_method(1, 2, 'Commit'); 
    This is where we are changing the authentication method. 
    In this example we are changing from 1 (INTERNAL) to 2 (WEBSERVER) 
    Change this value as applicable 
    Running Script to confirm change 
    1-list all users authentication methods 
    User-added image
    Restart Tomcat Service 


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