UPGRADING - DWP/SmartIT | How to upgrade DWP 18.02 /SmartIT 2.0 to 18.05

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    BMC Digital Workplace Advanced


    Remedy with Smart IT


    SmartIT 2.0, DWP Advanced 18.05, SmartIT 18.05, DWP Advanced 18.02, SmartIT 1.6


    We want to upgrade both DWP Advanced and SmartIT to 18.05. We have been told that we need to separate both applications.

    How do we upgrade both applications into separate servers?


    Please, read everything before your proceed.


    • This is KA is meant for DWP 18.02 and SmartIT 1.6/ 2.0/18.00.
    • Smart IT 19.02 can be upgraded from 1.6 /2.0 version. You don’t have to go to 18.05 version for this. Also instead of running the Smart IT migration manually, let the installer take care of those as recommended by Smart IT Team.
    • ITSM and SmartIT need to be on the same version. If you were to upgrade to SmartIT 19.02, then ITSM and AR should be on 19.02, too.
    • Verify that you have your DWP/SmarIT /AR/SRM/ITSM/CMDB patches up to date in all your AR Servers, prior going to 19.02
    • You can install both applications on the same server but in different Tomcats - as you might already know, two applications cannot be running on the same port, if you go this way, make sure Tomcat A and Tomcat B are running on different ports, configure server.xml, connect-dwp.properties and make sure ports are not in conflict.
    • You must install DWP and SmartIT on different Tomcats, different server if possible. There are a lot of know issues when Installing DWP and SmartIT on the same Tomcat - We have this process documented. https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/dwpadv1805/Upgrading+BMC+Digital+Workplace
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    -Please, go through the docs below, prior upgrading. 
    -Take OS snapshots and good db backups, too. 
    - Do not apply any HF/Patches if you're going all the way to   19.02, after upgrading to   18.05. If there are available patches on the latest version you have just upgraded to (  i.e. 19.02), then yes, apply them. 
    -Check System Requirements 

    DWP Advanced and Catalog.

    0. You can upgrade the DWP Catalog Server to 19.02 directly, just make sure you have the right ITSM patch for that specific version.  
      Remedy-ITSM-integration-patch-for-BMC-Digital-Workplace-Catalog- is the latest
    1.- Upgrade DWP application to 18.05 on the same shared server. 

    2.- Do not run social export during the upgrade, we can do this later. 

    3.- Per the docs, you need to upgrade DWP first. Select this option: 
    • I use SmartIT and Digital Workplace, and I need to run the data migration separately after install
    • You will be asked to create a new DWP_Business and DWP_System schema for this.
    • The Installer does this for you. If it lets you use a different folder for the upgrade, such as DWP, choose it.
    4.-When this is done, then you need to use the migration utility to migrate the social data to the DWP schemas -- If desired 
    5.- Make sure you have the right 'UX Patch' aka 'DWPA ITSM' on the AR Servers for this DWP Version.  
      Digital Workplace Advanced ITSM Integration Patch Version 18.05.00
    So, at this point. You should have: 

      -DWP Schemas 
      -SmartIT Tomcat  --you can create a new service a rename it to DWP + After the SmartIT upgrade to 18.05  
    -MyITSocialService -- you can stop this service + After the SmartIT upgrade to 18.05  
    -MongoDb -- you can stop this service +After the SmartIT upgrade to 18.05 

    Under   opt/apache/tomcat8.5/conf/Catalina/localhost/

    You should only have  
    • documentation-dwp.xml
    • download-dwp.xml
    • dwp.xml
    • social.xml
    7.- After this is all done, feel free to upgrade DWP Advanced  to 19.02. 

    8. Upgrade/install additional DWP Servers as needed. Repeat the clean up process if necessary. 

    • Apply the latest Hotfixes if available.
    • Take care of CSS changes
    • Resign the Mobile IPA
    • Progressive Web App is Available from 19.02 and beyond, you can still use DWP 18.11 and 18.08 for mobile apps:



    NOTE: Both ITSM/AR and SmartIT should be on the same version (starting 18.05) 

    6.- Install a fresh SmartIT 19.02 Server on the same shared node and Create New Schemas. 

    7.- Migrate old data from 2.0/1.6 to 19.02 

    8.- Install Secondary SmartIT Server 

    • Apply the latest Hotfixes if available.
    • Take care of CSS changes
    • Resign the mobile IPA - Progressive Web App is Available from 19.02 and beyond.


    -If you see more files like   ux.xml,smartit.xml, etc.   Do not delete them, until you have completed the SmartIT upgrade to 19.02
    -When the SmartIT upgrade is done, go back to /  apache/tomcat8.5/conf/Catalina/localhost/ directory and delete the exceeding files 
    -Stop Tomcat 
    -Delete the contents of  /  apache/tomcat8.5/work/Catalina/localhost/
    -Start Tomcat 
    - Delete both MyITSocial and Mongo Services  
    1. If Windows:
    •   In a Windows, open a cmd terminal (execute as admin), issue:
                                  sc delete myitsocial   and sc delete Mongo

              2. If Linux  
    • In a linux terminal, issue the below:
    systemctl stop [servicename] systemctl disable [servicename] rm /etc/systemd/system/[servicename] rm /etc/systemd/system/[servicename] symlinks that might be related systemctl daemon-reload systemctl reset-failed
    -Do this on all DWP Servers. 
    -Drop the old schemas SmartIT Schemas 

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