App Visibility - Error with System Validation when installing App Visibility Proxy server: Seccomp is not supported in Linux kernel version 3.5 and earlier.

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    TrueSight App Visibility Manager Server


    App Visibility Proxy


    App Visibility Proxy server version 11.3.01 and higher


    When installing the BMC App Visibility Proxy server version 11.3.01 there is a message in the system validation phase and installation has to be cancelled.

    App Visibility Proxy System Validation error


    The BMC App Visibility Proxy server version 11.3.01 and later has a storage component that requires installation of a security library. This library does not support Linux kernel versions 3.5 and earlier.

    In order to install the Proxy server the system must have a Linux kernel with version 3.6 and later. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7.x will have this kernel version.

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