How to Modify the mapping or add a custom class on BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery Sync?

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    BMC Helix Remedyforce Service Desk


    Remedyforce Winter '19


    How to Modify the mapping or add a custom class on BMC Helix Remedyforce Discovery Sync?



    To map custom fields


    You need to set the following properties in the SysProperties object to support custom classes and relationships. After you have made the required changes, check the entire value in an online JSON parser for validation. 

    1. Go to All Tabs.
    3. Go to SysProperties tab.
    5. If the list view does not include Property and Value fields, edit the list view and include these fields in the list view.


      Note: If the user does not have access to the SysProperties tab, you will have to grant the access from profile or permission set.

    7. The following table lists the properties under SysProperties tab. After you make the required changes in the properties, click Save.


    BMCDiscoveryPicklistMapMaps the picklists.


            "Option 3":2,

            "Option 2":1,

            "Option 1":0


    BMCDiscoveryRelationshipMapMaps the relationship types.

    ,"Custom_Relationship_Type":"Custom Relationship Type"


    • Custom_Relationship_Type is defined in the TPL file.
    • Custom Relationship Type is the new option that is added in the Relationship Type picklist field in the Base Relationship object.


    Maps the custom fields.




    CustomField and Custom_Field are the fields that are mapped in the TPL file.

    Section: Support for Custom Class 


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