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    Thank you for choosing our BMC SaaS Service, Remedyforce!

    We want to welcome you and share BMC’s commitment to your success.  We commit to partnering with you to deliver a great Remedyforce experience and to help you gain maximum value from the Remedyforce Solution.  In this document we will provide you with important first steps as well as important reference material, resources and information including our Remedyforce Communities, how to access BMC Technical Support and how to obtain free training.



    Let's Get Started

    Install Remedyforce In Your Current Salesforce Org

    In order for your Remedyforce licenses to be provisioned you must install Remedyforce in a Production Org.

    How to download Remedyforce into an existing Salesforce Org:

    • Have your current SF Admin go to the App Exchange – https://appexchange.salesforce.com/results?keywords=remedyforce
    • Click on Remedyforce – IT Service Management and Help Desk
    • Click on Get It Now
    • We highly suggest reading the Customization Guide. *This is VERY important as steps must be done prior to installing the Application. The Administrator must create predefined profiles as outlined in the document. Here is a link to assist - (follow link and switch to the current product version) https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/remforce201901/Installing
    • Agree to the T&C’s.
    • Click on Visit Provider 
    • Click on I am a Remedyforce customer and I want to install the latest version!


    Activation Email

    Activation email.JPG

    You will receive an Activation Email.  Actioning this email is required to begin the provisioning process. Check your Spam folder, if you did not receive this email contact your Partner or your BMC Account Manager for assistance.


    Order Detail Email

    Order Detail.JPG

    Once BMC has processed your order your designated Technical Contact will receive an email with the details of your order.  This will include your Support Contract ID and your Support ID Pin.  You will need these to sign up for Support/Communities/BMC Academy and to submit tickets with BMC Technical Support.  If you did not receive this email contact your Partner or your BMC Account Manager for assistance.


    Org ID

    If you're Remedyforce Licenses are pending provisioning at this point, confirm your Production Org ID with your Partner or your BMC Account Manager and confirm with them that it has been provided to the Remedyforce Provisioning Department.  Once all of these steps are complete it takes 3-5 business days for your Remedyforce licenses to be provisioned.


    Remedyforce License Review

    License Breakdown.JPG


    What constitutes a paid license:   

    Your paid licenses gives authorized users full functionality of BMC Helix Remedyforce features and can create and manage incidents, problems, change requests, broadcasts, tasks, knowledge articles, configuration items, service requests, service level agreements, reports, dashboards, chatter and other service desk related functions, including change assessments and approvals.


    What roles constitute a license usage?

         •         The License determines the area in which the user can access

         •         The access is determined by the Profile and Permission Set assigned to the user

         •         The Roles determine the ability to view tickets on a hierarchical level (Optional)


    For example, the Administrator will have the following:

         •         Salesforce License

         •         ServiceDesk System Administrator Profile

         •         Remedyforce Administrator Permission Set (ServiceDesk Staff box checked)

         •         System Administrator Role (Optional)


    For example, the Staff User will have the following:

         •         Salesforce Platform License

         •         ServiceDesk Staff Profile

         •         ServiceDesk Staff Permission Set (ServiceDesk Staff box checked)

         •         Any desired Role (Optional)


    With each full license purchased you get a 1:250 ratio of end user/client licenses. They have access to the self service portal to submit and view their tickets only.

    For example, the Client User will have the following:

         •         Salesforce Platform License

         •         ServiceDesk Client Profile

         •         ServiceDesk Client Permission Set

         •         Any desired Role (Optional)


    Although the Salesforce Platform license is shared between the Staff User and the Client Users, their profile determines their access. However, you will also need to assign the proper “permission sets” to all of your users. Please read the following documentation: User Permissions and Assigning permission sets (follow link and switch to the current product version)


    Managing your BMC Helix Remedyforce License Compliance

    Here is a Communities article on how to manage your BMC Helix Remedyforce paid subscription license count moving forward: Managing your Remedyforce Paid Subscription Seat Count

    *If you fall out of compliance you will receive a quote for the additional license required.


    Provisioning your BCM Premium/Premium Plus Environment

    So you have purchased BCM Premium or Premium Plus. When you are ready to set up your Client Management Premium or Premium Plus environment, please follow the below steps so the *BMC Remedy as a Service team can set up your environment.  Please be advised that this process takes two business days.  It is best to complete these steps immediately so the environment is ready when you need it.


    Client Management install set up, below are the steps:



    Please follow the 2 procedures outlined in the this link: Enabling and configuring agentless discovery - Documentation for BMC Remedyforce 20.18.01 - BMC Documentation

    Here is a blog to assist you if you have any questions:Upgrading to Remedyforce Client Management Premium or Premium Plus


    *Please confirm when the first 2 procedures are completed with your dedicated Business Relationship Manager to get the provisioning process started.


    How To Register For Communities, Technical Support & BMC Academy

    Registration Instructions

    1. Did you know we have a new registration process and form? This new form has a tighter integration with the BMC Support  There is a wonderful video here that explains the process.  It goes through all the registration steps and even sets expectation for the emails that customers will receive after registration is successful.  Here is the blog to read more about it: https://communities.bmc.com/community/support/blog/2019/05/20/new-online-bmc-registration-form
    2. There is also a new Profile Management Application that allows customers to access and correct their BMC profile.  As community members move around from one company to another they should update their profile.    Here is a blog that explains how to use the new Profile Management Application.
    3. There is also a new feature in BMC profiles called “Favorite Product and Alerts Subscriptions application” that allows customer to flag their favorite BMC products.   After selecting your favorite BMC products, your BMC search, downloads, and Communities content will be personalized for you. In the coming months, we will be adding personalization in case management, Product Support pages, and documentation.  



    Follow the Remedyforce Community


    Remedyforce Community is a one-stop shop for all online resources

    Communities is an invaluable tool.  It is a centralized source for documentation like blogs, documents, knowledge articles, white papers & videos.  It is shared by Remedyforce users, employees and Partners. You can ask questions about the product, raise or vote on product ideas and you can also access Support Central from the BMC Helix Remedyforce Community Page if you need to log a ticket.  Your Remedyforce subscription includes free access to Communities.


    Be sure to follow members of the BMC Helix Remedyforce Business Relationship Management Team, Product Development & Support!


    Submitting Tickets To Remedyforce Support

    Support Hours.JPG

    Severity code metrix.JPG

    Support Information:

    You can access the below URL after you create your own account. The system will require you to create your own user id and password if not already done. Additional information needed to create your account:

    We suggest granting them access prior to save time. Select the arrow next to Your Name-> My Settings->  Edit my personal information-> Grant Account Login Access-> Under BMC Support select either 1 Week or 1 Month.


    BMC Academy


    As you are starting out educating yourself on the product you will want to take the WBT first, they are free with your subscription.  We recommend the BMC Remedyforce: Fundamentals for Administrators - Part 1 and BMC Remedyforce: Fundamentals of Incident Management & Problem Management to start.  Read more here: BMC Helix Remedyforce Education


    If you are Interested in having time with an instructor to reinforce the information in the WBT the Remedyforce Fundamentals for Administrators Part 2 is available at a cost and is assisted self-paced (ASP).  You receive a specified amount of time per day of the course to ask questions to an instructor. 


    If you are seeking a RF Certification you would continue the path to the Online assessment, then take the BMC Certified Professional: BMC Remedyforce Practical Exam to become a badged certified professional.

    What's Next?

    First Steps for Success

    BMC customer orientation checklist
    Welcome to Remedyforce - The First Week
    Welcome to Remedyforce – Beyond the First Week! (Part 1)

    Welcome to Remedyforce – Beyond the First Week! (Part 2)


    Own Your Data Backup!

    Effective July 31, 2020, Data Recovery as a paid feature will be deprecated and no longer available as a service. The Data Recovery service, formally known as Data Restoration, is a legacy process which was used as a last resort, where Salesforce can potentially recover your data at a specific point in time.  There are several options under “Native Data Backup Options” in the link below or there are Third-Party Offerings (such as Own Backup) that customers can contract with for data backups.  Please explore Data Backup options in this article: Data Recovery Retirement


    More Valuable Resources

    Intergrated Chat Feature

    BMC Helix Remedyforce is always working to reduce customer effort and improve the customer experience.  Chat directly with a BMC Technical Support Engineer using the integrated chat feature.  Read more here: Contacting Support Was Never So Easy


    The Wiki (Admin Guide)


    You Can Access the Wiki anywhere in Remedyforce and be directed to documentation, this will be your Remedyforce Admin guide.  Just click on the question mark for help (?).


    Remedyforce Maintenance & Release Schedule

    Release Schedule.JPG

    Stay up to date with self-upgrade/automatic upgrade information!

    Set a “watch” on the Remedyforce Release Schedules page to ensure that you are getting the most up to date information when release information is available!

    Log in, Navigate to the Release schedule page and click the eye to “watch” the page Release schedules - BMC Remedyforce - BMC Documentation


    Remedyforce Support Videos

    Remedyforce YouTube.JPG

    Remedyforce Support has put together a Youtube Remedyforce Channel that we encourage all of our customers to view and follow. It currently has 60 video (and growing) that cover such topics as Pentaho, to How to troubleshoot Remedyforce etc.. Please see the list of topics here: BMC Helix Remedyforce YouTube Support Video Index

    BMC Remedyforce Newsletter Index

    Remedyforce Buzz - Newsletter Archive  Welcome to Your Source for Remedyforce! Our monthly newsletter brings you the latest developments, news and information on BMC Helix Remedyforce.  This is the index for current and past issues


    Based on feedback we are revamping the page!  Now you can find: Most Linked Docs, Latest Videos, Webinars and the Latest Features Videos all in one place. BMC Helix Remedyforce Hot Issues


    Again, welcome to BMC Helix Remedyforce! We appreciate the trust you place in BMC and our solutions.


    As always, the Remedyforce team welcomes your feedback. If you have questions add them to the comments section below.