IT Service Management: Inbound Emails to Remedy not updating worklogs on Incident or WorkOrder

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    9.1.03, 20.02


    When an email is sent into Remedy to update worklog on Incident or WorkOrder, the work log is not updated.

    Use Case 1: The email is in HTML format.  Plain text works fine. ARERR 306 being thrown due to invalid length of chars being attempted to insert into a table.

    Use Case 2:
    Email contains non-English characters for some other locales e.g. German word "Propušta" which have longer byte size.
    Error 552 - The SQL database operation failed.



    The issue is due to the SUBSTRC function not correctly handling line feeds and returning more than 100 characters.


    1.- Filter SRM:AOI:Process_IN_UpdateSRWorklog_20_CreateWorklog`!
    change the mapping in the 2nd action in Filter(Push Field)
    Summary = SUBSTRC($z1D_Char2$, 0, 99)
    TO: Summary = SUBSTR($z1D_Char2$, 0, 99)
    2.- Filter INT:RBEHPD:Transaction-Incident_Add worklog-500-Push
    change the mapping in the Push Fields action
    Description= SUBSTRC($Plain Text Body$, 0, 99)
    TO: Description= SUBSTR($Plain Text Body$, 0, 99)

    NOTE: Filter 'INT:RBEHPD:Transaction-incident_Add Worklog-500-Push' has been disabled in Remedy Version 20.02 and is new filter introduced INT:RBEHPD:Transaction-incident_Add Worklog-500-Push`! So changes needs to be made to this filter in Remedy version 20.02.

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