HTML Emails using incident.add.worklog are not being added

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    Remedy IT Service Management Suite


    When an email is sent into our system to update a worklog and the email is in HTML format, the work log is not added. Plain text works fine.


    The issue is due to an ARERR 306 being thrown due to invalid length of chars being attempted to insert into a table. The issue is due to the SUBSTRC function not correctly handling line feeds and returning more than


    1.- Filter SRM:AOI:Process_IN_UpdateSRWorklog_20_CreateWorklog`!
    change the mapping in the 2nd action in Filter(Push Field) from:
    Summary = SUBSTRC($z1D_Char2$, 0, 99)

    Summary = SUBSTR($z1D_Char2$, 0, 99)
    2.- Filter INT:RBEHPD:Transaction-Incident_Add worklog-500-Push
    change the mapping in the Push Fields action from:
    Description= SUBSTRC($Plain Text Body$, 0, 99)

    Description= SUBSTR($Plain Text Body$, 0, 99)

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