BDSSA: After applying BDSSA Enablement hotfix, ETL fails with "ORA-12704: character set mismatch"

Version 10
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    BMC Decision Support - Server Automation (5 Viewer, 1 Query License)


    BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation


    BDSSA 8.9.x


    After applying a BDSSA "enablement hotfix" in order to make BDSSA 8.9 compatible with an upgraded version of BDSSA 8.9.x, the ETL job fails with the following error after previously running to completion:

    ODI-1228: Task D_DEPOT_SOFTWARE_WIN_BULLETIN_85 (Integration) fails on the target ORACLE connection BSA_phy_dw_svr_site1. Caused By: java.sql.SQLException: ORA-12704: character set mismatch



    The incorrect set of DB scripts (char v nchar) may have been run against the BDSSA Warehouse DB/Schema


    The hotfix documentation states:

    1. Navigate to the \postinstall\ORACLE directory and copy all the script to a temporary directory.
    3. Depending on whether you have a char setup or nchar setup, navigate to \ORACLE\char or \ORACLE\nchar.
    5. Log on to the BMC Decision Support for Server Automation warehouse database.
    7. Connect to SQL *Plus by using the following command:
      sqlplus <username>/<password>@tnsentryforbdssadwdb

      For example, sqlplus BDSSA_DW/<password>@tnsentryforbdssadwdb
    9. Run the following scripts:
      sqlplus> start upgrade_ddl_statements.sql
      sqlplus> start upgrade_dml_system_property.sql
      sqlplus> start ovaldi_fix.sql

    This error may arise if the incorrect DB scripts were run. 

    A defect, DRBSP-14808, has been created to enhance the script such that they check the DB type and exit out if the type is not a match. 

    If this issue is encountered, contact BMC Customer Support for assistance in resolving the issue and reference this Knowledge Article. 


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