Remedy Smart Reporting - How to Add +7 Days to a Date Field ?

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Smart Reporting Remedy


    19.02 versions and above


    How to Add +7 Days to a Date Field ?


    To get a date + 7 days, has been fixed in version 9.1.04 patch 02 release.

    Below is the work around for this using the Freehand SQL function:

    Example:  The field that you want to add days to is "Submit Date"

    - Copy the SQL for the field so we can get the name of the field at database level.

    SELECT DISTINCT    `HPD:Help Desk`.`Incident Number`,    `HPD:Help Desk`.`Submit Date`FROM `AR System Schema`.`HPD:Help Desk` 
    - Use the following SQL statement on the Freehand SQL:
      DATEADD('day',7,   `HPD:Help Desk`.`Submit Date` )   
    Now use the calculate field as required in the reports to get the desired result. 

    Note: Freehand sql functionality supported on 19.02 versions and above. 



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