BMC Helix Remedyforce - How to Create a Custom Field on Remedyforce Objects?

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    How to Create a Custom Field on Remedyforce Objects?



      How to create a custom Field on Remedyforce Objects:
      1. Go to Setup Menu.
      2. On the quick find type "Object" .
      3. Under Create click on Objects ("Object Manager" if using Lightning Experience).
      4. Search for Corresponding Object where new field will be created.
      5. Click on the name of the Object.
      6. Go to "Custom Fields and Relationships".
      7. Click on New.
      8. Select the Type of field needed, Click on Next.
      9. Select the Field Label* and API Name**, Click Next.
      10. In Field Level Security  grant Edit access to the corresponding profiles and Click Next.
      11. Save.
      *Field Label: Is the Label showed on Remedyforce Console, Self Service, etc.
      **API Name: This is the name used on the back end and when importing data from Data Loader, Import Wizard, etc. This has to be unique on your Org.


    Ensure that the custom field name and label are unique for that object.

    • If a standard and custom field have identical names or labels, the merge field displays the custom field value.
    • If two custom fields have identical names or labels, the merge fieldcan display an unexpected value.

    If you create a field label called Email and a standard field labeled Email exists, the merge field is unable to distinguish between the fields. Adding a character to the custom field name makes it unique. For example, Email2.



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